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Used 19 *NEW*UNUSED*CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS,wood,porcelain, metal... for sale in BRAMPTON

19 *NEW*UNUSED*CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS,wood,porcelain, metal...
19 *NEW*UNUSED*CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS,wood,porcelain, metal...

19 *NEW*UNUSED*CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS,wood,porcelain, metal...

19 beautiful Christmas ornaments...some wooden..some porcelain..all good quality......never used...some with tags...Paid $6-$12 for each one. *would prefer to sell as a lot but if you want individual ones..please email me... ..$5 per ornament *SMOKE FREE, PET FREE HOME

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19 *NEW*UNUSED*CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS,wood,porcelain, metal... in BRAMPTON

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