2008 BMW 335XI (comfort access)
2008 BMW 335XI (comfort access)

2008 BMW 335XI (comfort access)

Car won’t be available until Friday, since I’m taking the car to BMW to get 2 recalls done. Something with the airbag and blower, have the documents for it as well. Selling my baby Selena, funnest ride I ever had. Especially being able to tweak the car to aggression mode to sport mode to normal mode with the Cobb accessory-port. access it’s a very unique and cool feaI love it, key in hand you touch your finger on the handle it opens up all your windows and sunroof or the setting you had before you turned the car off. Theres a bunch of cool features like like if you forgot to close windows and sunroof if you hold the lock button all your windows and side mirror and sunroof all close. It’s pretty sweet!! I recently just got some things done to the car and changed some parts to new parts, I have all the receipts for all the purchases and stuff done to the car which included and more, gotta just dig into some receipts. -Brand new engine air filter, -Fresh oil change -New valve cover gasket -New oil filter housing gasket -New spark plugs all 6 changed and replaced Car runs great overall especially with the cobbs access-port you will feel a big difference with this device and it’s very useful. i just want the next owner to have a great experience like I did with the car! And pass it on to whoever with genuine new parts so car will be in great shape the body of the car isn’t too bad a few minor chips. Nothing too serious. Most of it can go over with touch up paint

24 days ago

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2008 BMW 335XI (comfort access) in Calgary

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