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Used 20L Reef Tank in Vaughan

20L Reef Tank
20L Reef Tank

20L Reef Tank

Selling ~30lbs of live rock with Coral attached. Coral includes (all estimated) 24 red muchrooms, 12 acans, 6 green Duncans, 12 rastas, 24 orange zoa, 24 gobstopper zoa, 3 blastomusa, 12 maroon paly, green star, sps, hammer Coral, and red war Coral. Also includes sand, 20L tank, ac 70 hob filter, heater, 2 power heads (jebao and hydor). Not included: fish, light, rbta or tyree toadstool LF 650 obo all-in

9 days ago

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20L Reef Tank in Vaughan

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