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/ Used Asus x series K550J special edition Gaming laptop in Calgary

Asus x series K550J special edition Gaming laptop



Asus X series limited edition only a select few were made.

Ram: 8gb upgradable to 12
Core: Intel core I7-4710
OS: Windows 8.1
HDD: 750GB @ 7200rpm
SSD: 350GB +Boot partition
Graphics: Nividia Gtx 850m 3gb gddr4 ram *runs all new AAA titles very well
Keyboard:Cherry keys that trigger at 0.08MG
Cooling: Icecool branded fans that make almost no noise even when running under full load the amount of heat that it pushes off is insane
battery: lasts 12 on work and 2 under heavy load
Performance: if you would like to test it out I would be happy to let you
Condition: extremely good I took this computer as my pride and joy and I am hoping someone else would do the same
No Trades please

1+ month

Calgary, T3G 4X8