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ART FX-1 Sound Processor



Personal Effects Processor

The FX-1 Personal Effects Processor from A R T delivers quality Stero processing in a convenien and portable design.

Housed in a compact, all-steel chassis are sixty stunning digital signal procesing effects. Two banks of thirty single and multi-effect algorithm chains are arranged in logical order for ease of use. With A R T's exclusive "More" feature, every program can be enhanced with more of just the right effect instantly, simply and easily with the press of a button. Choose from clean, lush reverbs including halls, chambers, plates, gated, reverse and true stereo rooms and plates. Add powerful delays, thick chorus, shimmering flange, vintage tremolo and panning effects, pitch shifting, precise combination multi-effects and you have the easiest to use - and best sounding - compact processor on the market.

Dual mono processing allows you to process two individual channels with totally separate effects!

No other reverb/multi-effects processor offers you the power and simplicity of the FX-1.

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London, N5Z 1Y5