Custom stunt bike
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Custom stunt bike

2 days ago

Less than a year old. Tried to get my childhood back or something like that. Paid well over $250 sold the 3 piece crank but I replaced it with a new one made by kranked. Most of the bike is gt and I almost want it to be an ornament bike for the memory and the time I have been doing this b. S. Condition: Like new

Message the seller:

City cruiser bike XL London, N5X 3W4
Bike London, N5Y 3E9
Bicycle London, N6A 5L7
Bike London, N5Y 3L7
Kids bicycle  London, N6H 0A5
Giant girls bike London, N6J 2L9
 London, N5X 2Z7
Kids mountian bike London, N5V 2T1
 London, N6E 2B2
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bmx London, N5Z 2V5
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Bike blue  London, N6C 5K5