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Handmade Handwoven Ecuadorian Shigra Shoulder Bag
Handmade Handwoven Ecuadorian Shigra Shoulder Bag

Handmade Handwoven Ecuadorian Shigra Shoulder Bag

Handwoven in Otavalo, Ecuador, South America by Indigenous women Material: Natural Fiber from Cabuya AKA Fique (often confused by agave plant) Color: Colorful Pattern: Indigenous Average Measurements: Height: 11 inches Width: 15 imches Diameter at bottom: 10 inches Strap length: 22 inches History: Shigra bags are hand made with natural fibers coming from Fique, a plant that only grows in the highlands of the Andes. These fibers are manually tinted color by color with a firewood cooking process and every bag has its unique, multicolor design. Most shigras have ancestral indigenous patterns with historical meaning and they are handwoven, taking up to one month. They are usually produced by indigenous women while their animals graze on the highland For centuries, cabuya fibers have been used in textiles and for many other uses, edible and otherwise. Because of its durability, the plant makes strong rope and has been used to make bridges in South America. Because the plant fibers expand when wet and can be woven so tightly, a shigra can hold water without dripping. How it is made: The plant’s leaves are chopped at the base and the pulp removed before being laid out to dry in the sun. Once dry, the leaves are cut into fine strands and sold to individual weavers or weaver cooperatives that will dye the fibers either with natural or synthetic dyes and spin them like yarn on to a spindle. Various looping techniques are used to weave the fibers which determine the final

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Handmade Handwoven Ecuadorian Shigra Shoulder Bag in Mississauga

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