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Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates for Dirt Bike
Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates for Dirt Bike

Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates for Dirt Bike

I have a vstar 1100. Bought the wrong ones last season, didnt know until this season. Cant return them. KAWASAKI AR 80 A1 82  KAWASAKI KD 80 M1/M2 80-81  KAWASAKI KD [TL_HIDDEN] 7  KAWASAKI KD [TL_HIDDEN]   KAWASAKI KX 80 A1 80  KAWASAKI KDX 80 A2 1981  KAWASAKI KE 100 A5 to A10 76-81  KAWASAKI KE 100 B1 to B20 85-01  KAWASAKI KM [TL_HIDDEN] 6-81  Fitment: 1980-Kawasaki KD80 1981-Kawasaki KD80 1982-Kawasaki KD80 1983-Kawasaki KD80 1984-Kawasaki KD80 1985-Kawasaki KD80 1986-Kawasaki KD80 1987-Kawasaki KD80 1988-Kawasaki KD80 1989-Kawasaki KD80 1990-Kawasaki KD80 1976-Kawasaki KE100 1977-Kawasaki KE100 1978-Kawasaki KE100 1979-Kawasaki KE100 1980-Kawasaki KE100 1981-Kawasaki KE100 1982-Kawasaki KE100 1983-Kawasaki KE100 1984-Kawasaki KE100 1985-Kawasaki KE100 1986-Kawasaki KE100 1987-Kawasaki KE100 1988-Kawasaki KE100 1989-Kawasaki KE100 1990-Kawasaki KE100 1991-Kawasaki KE100 1992-Kawasaki KE100 1993-Kawasaki KE100 1994-Kawasaki KE100 1995-Kawasaki KE100 1996-Kawasaki KE100 1997-Kawasaki KE100 1998-Kawasaki KE100 1999-Kawasaki KE100 2000-Kawasaki KE100 2001-Kawasaki KE100 1978-Kawasaki KH100 1979-Kawasaki KH100 1976-Kawasaki KM100 1977-Kawasaki KM100 1978-Kawasaki KM100 1979-Kawasaki KM100 1980-Kawasaki KM100 1981-Kawasaki KM100 1985-Kawasaki KX80 Kawasaki KD [TL_HIDDEN] Kawasaki KDX [TL_HIDDEN] Kawasaki AR80 1982Kawasaki KE [TL_HIDDEN]

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Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates for Dirt Bike in Surrey

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