Overpowered god-like phone bundle
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Overpowered god-like phone bundle

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This phone is far better than any apple on the market bought it for $799.99 half a year ago, it has a dual 13MP with a monsters battery of 5000mAh along with 3GB of ddr 4 ram and mkt 1.3Ghz octa core processor have orginal boxing also comes with 4 screen protector 1 already applied, 96GB of ssd storage and you'll also get a 12000mAh power bank which I'm doubtful you'll need. Beautiful for for tech reviews or photography which is what i mainly used it for, wanted to get an asus rog gaming phone so no longer need this, no low balling $300 is good enough Bundle 1 x 10ft charging cable 1 x god-like phone 4 x 9H screen protector 1 phone case 1 x 12000Mah power bank(like you'll need it lol)

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