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Smartart.. Create a photogram gift set



wrap will be easy. Comes with step by step instructions. CREATE A PHOTOGRAM..
Items include:
* 8 x 10 Unprimed Basewood
* Royal Brush Wood Handle Foam Brush Set
* Jacuard Film. marker
* Solarfast 4 Oz purple dye
* Solarfast 2 Oz Wash
* Solarfast Film 8.5 x 5.5. (10 total sheets in case you mess up)

Steps breifly below....
Cost is $49.95 online at smartartbox.com

No one else will have one!!!!!! $20

TEXT 549 2904 OR EMAIL *********** Or will Trade for something that interests me, what you got? (Or see my Wanted, Looking for Ad to see a list of items im looking for)

Step 1- sketch & complete your design or someone elses on a blank peice of paper. Place solarfast film sheet over drawing..use marker to trace.

Step 2-use foam brushes to apply dye on the wood frame base

Step 3- place solarfast film you created in step 1 on coated surface

Step 4- expose coat wood panel to sunlight for 20-30 minutes.. remove film

Step 5- submergé the wood panel in hot water and add solarfast wash with water running for 10 or so minutes

Step 6- congratulions. ... Your solarfast print is complete! !!

Above is only breif discription... The actual discription is more detailed than mine. Lol i pretty much just took 1st sentence of each step.. ;)

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