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Solian Ware 777 England $30 Each (total 10 plates)



All 10 plates in good condition

Solian Ware Simpsons (potters) Ltd large flower design plate with beaded rim. This is one of the nicest plates I've seen. A gleaming white beaded rim surrounds a royal blue, burgundy, green and white band filled with gold lacy designsAbsolutely immaculate
Marked on the back with "Solian Ware, Simpsons (potters) Ltd. Cobridge, England" and numbered "777".There are some minor glazing crackles on the very bottom but otherwise in great condition. No cracks

Formerly Soho Pottery Ltd. This mark was used from 1944 up.
At the Elder Works, Cobridge, 1906-44
Formerly Smith & Binnall (at the SOHO works)
Subsequently Simpsons (Potters) Ltd (at the Elder Works)

Joseph Palin Thorley was Director of Design for Soho Pottery from 1918 to 1920 or 1921.
Thorley apprenticed at Wedgwood's and fought in the trenches in France before going to the Soho Pottery. Thorley went from Soho to New Chelsea, to Allerton's before immigrating the U.S. in 1927.
There he worked for the best potteries like Hall and Taylor Smith & Taylor, before going to Williamsburg to make reproductions of their 18th century museum objects.

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