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Warhammer Wood Elves army + tons of hobby supplies
Warhammer Wood Elves army + tons of hobby supplies

Warhammer Wood Elves army + tons of hobby supplies

-3 Warhawk Riders -7 plastic Wild Riders -4 Treekin -6 Glade Riders -30 METAL Eternal Guard -7 METAL Wild Riders -20 plastic Wildwood Rangers -30 plastic Eternal Guard -10 Dryads -10 Wardancers -8 Sisters of the Thorn -1 METAL Treeman -1 plastic Treeman -2 plastic Great Eagles -10 Waywatchers -50 Glade Guard archers -various characters (mounted Battle Standard Bearer, 2 metal characters on foot, 3 metal wizards on foot, 1 metal character on a Great Eagle, 1 plastic wizard on horseback, 1 metal hero on foot with a spear, 1 mounted hero with a spear) Also includes gaming supplies including a Citadel Wood, the Warhammer Wood Elves army book (8th edition), dice complete with scatter/artillery dice in a dice bag, plastic templates (large, small, and teardrop-shaped), and a FULL set of spell cards from Warhammer 8th edition, including the very hard-to-find Wood Elf specific lores of High and Dark magic! In addition, I am throwing in all my movement trays and carrying cases (lined with magnetic strip so the models do not shift around during those bumpy car rides), PLUS my hobby supplies which include: -Many bottles of Vallejo model color paints -Cork board, PVC and sheet tin for -Lots of high-quality paint brushes in various styles (flat, detail, fine detail, drybrush, etc) -Primer and matt varnish -Fine ballast, fine hairs for making brush grass, and autumn-themed flack for all your basing needs -All plastic bits from the Warhammer model sprues

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Warhammer Wood Elves army + tons of hobby supplies in Calgary

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