Yellow hazy headlights? I can help!!!!
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Yellow hazy headlights? I can help!!!!

29 days ago

Tired of your old, yellow and hazy headlights? Can’t see while driving at night? Don’t want to pay a bunch of $ for new ones? Let me clean and polish your existing headlights lenses for only $30 Price includes both headlights. it is outer clean and polish only. I add UV protection at the end too to help make it last. My steps are: 1. Clean surface and paint tape protection. 2. Paste hand rubbing/oxidation removal/deep clean 3. Rinse 4. Ultra High speed polish/further oxidation removal 5. Rinse and dry. 6. Waxing and speed polish 7. Rinse and dry. 8. UV protectant and final speed buffing. ***I do not clean interior of lenses or fix moisture inside lights.*** All work done in my garage on bear mountain. Rain or shine. Please don’t ask if I will come to you for this price. Thanks!!! Evenings or weekends only. Please see my led ads also of u need LED lighting ($40 per set of 2 bulbs installed most vehicles)

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