Used Home and Garden items in Vancouver

Crock-pot Set Vancouver
Kitchen Storage Unit Vancouver
Medium Flower Pots x3 Vancouver, V7X
Medium Ceramic Flower Pot Vancouver, V6C 3S5
Black Leather Office Chair Vancouver, V6C 3S5
Black Leather Bar Stool Vancouver, V6C 3S5
Grey/brown sectional sofa Vancouver, V6B 1X5
Rosewood Table and Chairs Vancouver, V6B 0P8
White Ikea Desks Vancouver, V6B 0M3
Pair of Dog Figurines  Vancouver, V6Z 1Z7
Mirror  Vancouver, V6Z 0C5
Mirror  Vancouver, V6Z 0C5
Dresser  Vancouver, V6Z 0C5
Drawer  Vancouver, V6Z 0C5
Picture Frame Collage Vancouver, V6E 1G6
Bronz Dog Statue Vancouver, V6Z 1Z7
Popcorn Maket Vancouver, V6Z 2B7
Butter Dish Vancouver, V6E 1N2
Two IKEA floor lamps Vancouver, V6B 2W2